Background & Challenge

Nursery on the go was the driving factor behind the development of the brand’s portable sportscap bottles. Compact, convenient and designed for little hands and mouths, the new bottles—featuring beloved Sesame Street characters—offered busy parents a welcome and trusted source of refreshment no matter where they were headed.


With a cool and catchy name, Citrus Berry Blast came to life across a variety of channels—including outdoor, POS and digital—with a bold and colorful design that Coca-Cola Freestyle customers could choose via specially designed touchscreens in WAWA stores across the U.S.

Fuze LogoFuze Logo
Fuze Citrus and Berry LogoFuze Citrus and Berry Logo
Fuze Blast LogoFuze Blast Logo

Previous Concepts

Peach Chill Logo
Berry Breeze Logo
Cherry Peach Ade Logo
Citrus Berry Blast Logo 1
Citrus Berry Blast Logo 2
Citrus Berry Blast Logo 3

Freestyle Touch Design

Free Style Touch

Promo Button
Drink Button 1
Drink Button 2
Citrus Berry Blast Ice Tea 3
Citrus Berry Blast Ice Tea 2
Citrus Berry Blast Ice Tea 3

User Interface

Fuze User Interface 1
Fuze User Interface 2
CFuze User Interface 3

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