Serving up the perfect cup is something Standard Coffee® has been doing for nearly a century. To ensure relevance in the Digital Age, we helped Standard Coffee define their core user and cut a simple path to purchase for them online – an eCommerce plan to last for years to come.


Background & Challenge

With a robust coffee and tea menu that features the most popular brands and brewing options across all categories, Standard Coffee® has never had a problem satisfying their customers over the years. However, in the Age of the Consumer – where purchases are often made via eCommerce channels – their challenge moving forward would be connecting with their consumers in a meaningful and intuitive manner online. With this in mind, we set out to redesign their site to not only introduce their portfolio of products but also simplify the path to purchase and secure new sales for the brand in the eCommerce world.

iPad next to keyboard and mouseiPad next to keyboard and mouse

Our Approach

As a first step, we solidified our understanding of the Standard Coffee core – either a 25-34 or 45-54 year old, highly educated, affluent married woman living in an expensive home in an urban area of the Northeast U.S. With this in place, we ensured all messaging on the new site would play back to the brand’s frame of reference and point of difference whenever we communicated with the core user:
Standard Coffee is a traditional coffee that lets you start each day refreshed and stay that way all day.

Brand Tonality

Hitting up on the Standard Coffee “voice” would be critical. As copy was being developed, we ensured that the brand tonality would always feel warm and inviting with messaging that was clear, friendly, easy to read and progressively current for both Home and Office visitors to the site.

Fill Out Our Online Form, Get a Free Beverage Analysis, Get a Quote, Enjoy our ServicesFill Out Our Online Form, Get a Free Beverage Analysis, Get a Quote, Enjoy our Services

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Optimized Sales Funnel

Ultimately, the refreshed site would bring the purchase path to life from a series of detailed wireframes to a fully functioning site that would compel and drive customers to either sign up for coffee delivery service through or purchase coffee through the site.

sales funnel
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Get Started Now, Whether you sign up for coffee delivery service or you're ready to buy coffee....Get Started Now, Whether you sign up for coffee delivery service or you're ready to buy coffee....

Measured Results

With a more cohesive and unified structure to eCommerce and service leads on the coffee side of business, DS Services® can now include their coffee websites in this same equation – with the newly redesigned as one of several sites optimized to lead the user to their eCommerce platform. Together, the ecosystem of eCommerce sites is simplifying the sign-up process and ultimately growing their water and coffee sales as well as increasing awareness of Thus far in Q1-Q2 following the site relaunch, has seen a 23% jump in new users and 27% increase in page views since the previous year.

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